My Water Conservation Journey

Water conservation is a great cause that is very dear to my heart because of the severe drought in California. I have had numerous discussions with my family and friends on how I can help save water. I was concerned about saving water, however, I had not performed any actions to decrease water usage on my own. For weeks, I searched the web on how to save water. Suddenly, a light bulb lit up in my head and helped me take up this challenge on my own. I thought to share with my friends and community, the amount of water I had saved myself. My intention is to share my water saving ideas and motivate everyone, especially teenagers, to reduce their shower time.

  • After a profound amount of research, I found a simple, yet an immensely useful device that can help save water all over California
  • That device was nothing more than a 5 minute sandclock.
  • The goal is to flip the sand clock a minimal number of times and ensure a shorter shower time.
  • In this way, California can save millions of gallons a year.
  • Below, I have made a table that outlines my shower time over the course of 4 weeks.

Here is the sand clock that I used to measure my shower time. It can be purchased at Walmart, Target, Ebay,
and many other stores.


Before Using the SandClock

Days Minutes Gallons
1 13 32.5
2 12 30
3 12 30
4 11 27.5
5 14 35
6 18 45
7 13 32.5
8 13 32.5
9 19 47.5
10 18 45
11 12 30
12 10 25
13 11 27.5
14 12 30
Average Time- 13.42 Average Gallons Used- 33.57

After Using the SandClock

Days Minutes Gallons
1 9 22.5
2 10 25
3 9 22.5
4 6 15
5 5 12.5
6 10 25
7 8 20
8 6 15
9 8 20
10 7 17.5
11 5 12.5
12 9 22.5
13 9 22.5
14 12 30
Average Time- 8.07 Average Gallons- 20.18

As you can see by the statistics above, the sand clock has shown amazing results. I calculated the water flow of my showerhead and many others to determine an average that can be used for your home.

  • In only two weeks, I managed to decrease my average shower time by approximately 5 minutes and decrease my average gallon usage by 12.5 gallons.
  • I anticipate that if I can save 12.5 gallons every day per shower, I will be able to save 375 gallons a month and 4500 gallons a year.
  • If the amount of gallons saved in each shower is multiplied by hundreds of students, California can reduce its gallon consumption on a large scale.
  • Our school can get involved in the water cause. Using a conservative estimate, we can predict, 25% of the 2455 students in our school will be able to save 5 minutes in their shower.
  • If each person can save 375 gallons a month, 613 students can save 229,875 gallons a month and 2,758,500 million gallons a year.
  • If we predict that many more schools participate in this water exercise, California can save millions of gallons each year.
  • Together, we can face the drought and help conserve water. The water saved can be used for other productive purposes.

Here, I have given a quick video on how to conserve water

Bill Gates on Sustainability

“ I am surprised that in various countries, whether it's the U.K. or the U.S., you see isolationist tendencies that would tend to work against the co-operation, whether it's climate change, immigration, innovation, helping the very poorest. Those are things where you want to think across country boundaries and see a win-win-type solution..”